I Will Run

A microsite designed to give power to the people


Democratic National Convention


Branding, User Interface


Logo Design and Branding, Wireframes, High-Fidelity Mockups, Responsive HTML Buildout

About this project

The result of the 2016 presidential election lit a fire in many to band together, organize, and resist. It was a call for progressive citizens of all walks of life, to run for public office in order to effect the change they wish to see for their communities, from the bottom up.

But for many of those from historically disenfranchised groups, who do not come from politically-minded backgrounds, and who are not politically connected, the proposition of running a first-time campaign is a daunting prospect.

To assist with the logistical tasks of getting a campaign off the ground, a proliferation of grassroots tools of various scopes and price points were developed. Because of their sheer number and uneven dissemination, many were not reaching their intended audience.

To aid these fledgling progressives, the DNC sought to build out a resource that would provide first-time office seekers with a roadmap for running a successful campaign, and a database to serve as a repository of all the tools developed to aid with each step and task. The aim was to have an approachable one stop shop that was simple to understand, provided good information, and allowed for easy comparison of available resources.

I worked closely with the project development team, starting with low-fidelity wireframes to work out structure and functionality, then moving on to high-fidelity comps. Concurrently, I developed the I Will Run mark and came up with a visual look and color palette to match the sister project I Will Vote and the overall DNC branding. Once all the visual components were approved, I built out a fully responsive static HTML site that could be easily handed off to developers to layer functionality over the design.

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