Penton Content Platform

A typographically-driven design for multiple properties


Penton Media


UI Design, Desktop and Responsive


PSD Comps

Team Members

Danielle Pacheco, John Kim, Serge Andereyev | UX Research, UX Design

Karolina Lach | UI Design (alternate)

Sebastian Broways | Design Team Lead

About this project

Penton Media owns hundreds of publication properties over 5 groups of businesses, each of which have their own shared user base. They also each have respective online education platforms, industry expos, online stores, and other properties affiliated with each brand. To provide better and more comprehensive services to users of all these aspects of the brands, the new content platform was designed as a jumping-off point to include and surface services the brand provides that the user might not be aware of. The secondary properties are interwoven with the content without obstructing it. The design is typographically driven and strives for dynamism and modernity. Although the initial designs were done with Wealth Management serving as the template, the layout’s cleanliness and versatility makes it suitable to the wide range of subject matter of Penton’s properties.

This is an alternate version of the design that was not selected for final implementation. It did influence aspects of the version that was ultimately chosen. homepage elements.

How the template works for an article page on (left) and (right).