Kikkoman USA

A refreshed website for a familiar brand




Web design


Desktop and mobile site mockups
Optimized digital assets


Karolina Lach | UI Designer

UX Designer

Art Director

Project Manager

Developer Team

About this project

Kikkoman's North American website was in dire need of an update. The outdated design that greeted visitors made them question if they were in the right place; navigation was confusing, and content difficult to find.

Extrapolating from the art director's approved design, I translated wireframed content into a modern, fun, welcoming portal for the brand. With improved search functionality and expanded showcase layout, it is now easier to both browse and find relevant recipes. Sections aimed at food industry and restaurant professionals received much-needed overhauls that reorganized and streamlined vital informational resources.

The redesigned site is now easy to navigate and reflects contemporary expectations of a major food brand.

Pages showing the revamped homepage, landing pages, and product and recipe navigation.

Pages showing the Story of Soy Sauce and other interesting but secondary information.