The game that rewards you for making awesome words


Quipsoteric, LLC.


UI Design, Mobile


Illustrator mockups, icons, interaction animations, website

Team Members

Akiva Leffert | Front-end Development

Karolina Lach | Design

Jason Reed | Back-end Development

About this project

Whirred is a word game that rewards you for making cool words. Capitalizing on esoteric word categories, quirks of etymology, or relationships to previously played words all provide opportunities for scoring big points. Players make words by popping or dragging letter tiles into the play field in the middle of the game screen. They can use any combination of letters in their rack (red) and their opponent’s last move (blue) to do that.

Working with Akiva on the basic mechanics of the game, I aimed to simplify the entirety of interaction into a coherent, fun experience. I put on my UX hat to map out the flow of all the screens that were needed, sketched wireframes and finally designed all the visuals, as well as a website for promotional purposes.

Download on the App Store

Welcome screen, games launch screen, single game screen, and a bonus popup.

Mockup of the animation of a win event.

Illustrated icons for bonuses available in the game.

Screens from the design of the Whirred promotional website.